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Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Last week we did some cleaning and organizing.

Saturday we went to a garage sale and bought a bunch of books then we headed to Greg's parent's house. On the way there Greg bought a mo-ped that he found on Craigslist.

Greg's Mom showed me all around her garden and told me how she just helped butcher some hogs the day before. We had some sausage that she helped make for dinner. She had me get lettuce and onions from the garden for a salad to go with the sausage. It was a really good dinner. Greg and his Dad worked on the mo-ped.

Sunday Greg's Mom and Dad took us to Menard's. I had never been there before, what a cool store! They have things that I have never seen for sale before like wrought iron fence. The store is huge, I can't even remember what all we saw there. They just built one close to our house so we are going to have to go check it out soon.

Later we had Bombshelter pizza for dinner and a 2 layer chocolate cake that Greg's Mom made along with ice cream. 2 of Greg's brothers and the kids came over for the cake and ice cream.

Greg's Mom dug up a bunch of flowers out of her gardens for me and gave me a bunch of plastic pots that she didn't need. I can't wait to plant all of this stuff! Greg's Mom also gave us a bunch of veggies from last year's garden that she canned, 2 frozen chickens, and nearly 2 dozen eggs! We aren't going to have to buy many groceries for awhile especially if the little garden in the back yard starts producing.

After we got home and relaxed for awhile I decided to take a little walk to look at how people landscape their front yards. Most yards around here have a hill in the front yard so it is kind of challenging to landscape. During my walk I found a mulberry tree so I ate a few mulberries then went back home to get a container and picked all of the mulberries I could reach. My hand was purple by the time I was finished. I got to meet 3 red huskies and an orange and white kitty while I was out.

I ate a day lily bud from the back yard. They taste strange. It might be good in a salad.

At least one of my tomato plants has blooms on it. My hosta is blooming and the orange and yellow flowers by the porch are blooming.

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Tuesday we went to look at something off of Craig's List near Buckeye Lake. We didn't buy it but since we were over there we went and looked at the lake then we had dinner at Captain Woody's. It is a nice little bar and grill type restaurant right on the lake. I had a hamburger and fries.

Saturday we went to an auction near Buckeye Lake. After the auction we went to Dawe's Arboretum and they happened to be having a bonsai show! I love bonsai though I don't have any, I had one that died so I am afraid of getting another, don't want to kill it. I think our house is just too dry in the winter. We also got to take a tour of the old house that is on the property so that was pretty neat. I think I would have gotten along with Berty Dawe's, she liked to spend her winters in Florida collecting shells, bird watching, and she did crochet. Anyway, after that we went and had dinner at Captain Woody's again. This time we split a big pizza with pepperoni and sausage. There was enough pizza for us to eat it 3 different times!

Sunday we went to Mom and Gary's house for Ladonna's 80th surprise birthday party. It was a fun day. Gary made home made ice cream using his hit and miss engine. I hadn't been eating sugar but I couldn't pass up the home made ice cream. I didn't eat too much but it was good!

I am sure we did a lot of other stuff but I didn't take notes or take pictures so I don't really remember.

My day lilies are blooming. The yarrow, primrose, and dianthus continue to bloom. The marigolds are blooming now. The delphinium is blooming though it is pretty short because it was accidentally mowed earlier in the year. I have little peppers growing. The tomato plants and radishes are coming along. The carrots, bunching onions, and parsley are all peaking out of the soil. I planted some potatoes, onion sets, decorative kale, and hardy mums. I want to sell some plants for extra money later in the year so I have been planting a bunch of extra.

What have you been up to?

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

It was a busy week but I didn't take a lot of pictures for some reason.

Thursday I went and got some rooting hormone for plants so I could try some propagation experiments and they seem to be going well. Of course there were plants on clearance so I had to pick some of those up. Who can pass up 40 cent geraniums and 80 cent petunias?

Friday we went to a bunch of yard sales. Clintonville is a good area for yard sales. Later I mowed the front yard and did some weeding.

Yesterday we hung out on our deck with some guys from the neighborhood and there was a major storm with hail and everything. We were also pet sitting for Tim. He has a St. Bernard and a Boston Terrier. Later in the evening Greg went to see his friend's band play. I wasn't feeling up to it so I stayed home. I need to start eating more times per day. We are so busy I forget to eat then when I do eat my stomach ends up hurting. I have had this problem before. I just don't really get hungry when I am otherwise occupied. Or I get hungry but just keep putting off eating for way too long.

Today we are just hanging out. Our neighbors seem to be having an all day long domestic dispute. It is kind of common for people to be out in front of our house yelling at each other. They usually wait until night time for all of that though.

I am so excited about my little garden. The tomatoes and peppers seem to be doing well. I have radishes coming up, that is the main picture above. Today I noticed my bunching onions started coming up too. I have a bunch of sunflowers and zinnias growing. I can't wait until all of these flowers start to bloom. I don't have much blooming right now, just yarrow, dianthus, and some little pink flowers that I do not know the name of. The apple tree is also full of little tiny apples. The day lilies are starting to get buds so they will be blooming very soon. That will add a lot of nice color to the yard.

How have you been this week?

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Monday I had a job interview but I didn't get the job. It is ok though because the workers didn't really look all that happy to be there. Later I cleaned all of the junk and leaves out of the boat we picked up on Sunday.

Tuesday I planted some flowers that I got on clearance at Lowe's in the front flowerbed and then started digging a little garden in the back yard.

Wednesday we went for a walk at Grigg's Dam. On the way home we picked up some plants and seeds then I worked on the garden in the back yard.

Thursday we played tennis then we got some books from the library then played a little more tennis. There were some scary clouds in the sky that day.

Friday I planted the pepper and tomato plants and some seeds in the new backyard garden.

Saturday we took a hike at Highbanks Park then ate dinner at El Patron.

Sunday We went to an estate auction. It was HOT and sticky but a good auction. Later my brother called and said he was having a cookout so I went over there. I didn't get home until 3:30am!

Monday we went to a big sale that they have at this church in Sunbury. There was a lot of neat stuff but it was really hot and humid and I felt dehydrated even though I was drinking water. I put on sunscreen but I missed some spots and got burnt where I missed. After the sale we were extremely hot so we drove to the beach at Alum Creek and went in the lake up to our knees. The lake was like ice water so it cooled us down. After that we went to the marina for an ice cream bar. I was very tired after that day and went to sleep around 8:30pm and didn't get up until almost 10am today.

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Last week was a really busy week for me!

Monday Nikki was in town so she spent the night at our house. Unfortunately it was rainy and gloomy so there wasn't much to do. We did go to the park of roses and there were a lot of roses blooming this time. I think we smelled almost all of them. On the way home we picked up some beer then we hung out and talked all evening, Greg was there too. We had frozen pizzas for dinner.

Nikki had to get up early for her flight then Greg and I wanted to watch a Netflick and the movie that Nikki is in, Never Been Thawed, just happened to come up in our recommendations so we had to watch that since we had been telling Greg about it earlier. He thought it was really funny.

In the morning we all got up and Greg made us giant breakfast burritos then it was time for Nikki to go catch her flight.

Wednesday I took Rico, the neighbor's pit bull for a big walk.

Friday Greg, Mom, Janie, Pam, Sandy, Janet and I went to the zoo. So many fun things at the zoo! We rode the carousel, fed some lorikeets, and watched the polar bears swim. I could stay at each exhibit all day! After the zoo we went to Max & Erma's and pigged out.

Saturday I went to my Mom and Gary's for a little bit. Sandy was there too. Mom took us for a ride on her golf cart. Then my brother came over and we all went to visit my Grandma. My brother and I went outside for a little bit and I was looking at an iris and happened to look down and see a piece of asparagus so then we had to go around the garden looking for more asparagus. When we were done we had ticks on us since the asparagus was in some tall weeds. Gross!! We got them all off though.

After Grandma's house my brother and I went to his house and we were starving so he cooked up the asparagus in bacon grease, some deer meat, and some rice and beans. His girlfriend Crystal was there too. This was the first time I know of that I had ever had deer meat other than in a sausage. It was really good!

Yesterday I put some stuff for sale on etsy then Greg found a free boat on Craigslist so we went to pick it up. It was an interesting experience. The boat takes up a lot of our yard, I don't think we are going to keep it very long.

What have you been up to?

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

This week went from hot tank top and AC weather back to sweatshirt and heater weather. I defiantly prefer the hot weather.

Monday I took the neighbor's pit bull Rico for a really long walk. It was nice and warm out and the air smelled like flowers.

Tuesday Greg and I went to The Park of Roses and went for a long walk along the creek and then played some tennis. We are getting better at tennis. We are to the point that if someone happened to see us playing it would not be too embarrassing. My serve is actually getting pretty good.

Sometime during the week we drove way up to a town near Wooster, OH so Greg could by a little Honda motorcycle. It needs some work but the price was right. It was a long trip. We did see some buffalo out the window and an Amish farmer plowing his field with a team of horses so that was pretty neat.

Saturday I went to the Clintonville Farmer's Market and bought some green onions, fiddle head ferns, and eggs. Then I went and got Greg and brought him to the farmer's market to see the music. We went to 2 yard sales and a book sale. We played a short game of tennis then we went and got a battery for his motorcycle. I can't believe how much stuff we did that day.

Yesterday we worked on cleaning the house. I am excited because Nikki is coming to visit today. For dinner I made blackened tilapia, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fiddle head ferns. It was really good.

In the yard the wild strawberries, lilac, columbine, allium, and honeysuckle are all blooming. I have seen iris and peonies blooming around town. My peonies are not quite ready yet. Our stuff is always last to bloom, we must have a cold yard.

What have you been up to?


Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Lots of flowers blooming this week. Columbines, yellow lilies, allium, bleeding hearts, violets, English daisies.

The neighbor cat Nola has been visiting a lot. I like her visits.

I sold the old refrigerator to a guy who is going to use it for home brewing beer. Perfect for him because he doesn't need the freezer.

We started trying to play tennis. We bought some cheap rackets from the thrift store. The first time I tried to serve I missed the ball but it got better from there. We have only played twice. I am terrible but I have fun and that is what matters to me.

Saturday was the Clintonville Farmer's Market so I got up early and went. I bought some pork sausage and got some free gladiola bulbs. On the way back to the truck I saw a sign that said "plant sale". So I had to go see what that was about. A lady was selling some extra plants from her porch. She didn't know what they were called but told me they come up every year and have pink flowers so I bought a pot of them for $1. The bulbs and mystery plants are all in the ground now.

It has been raining a lot so it seems like whenever there is a nice day the yard needs mowed. It is an endless battle. I would rather that than cold any day.

This evening I wanted to go for a walk so I took the neighbor's dog Rico on a really long walk. He is a pit bull and he is less than a year old so there is no shortage on energy there. It is fun to walk with such a big dog, I feel very safe. Nobody is going to mess with a person walking a pit bull. He is very nice though and loves people and other dogs, he just looks intimidating.

What have you been up to?

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Thursday I went over to Mom and Gary's house and we went morel mushroom hunting in their woods. We found over 30 of them. I don't like morels but I do enjoy walking around in the woods looking for them. I found a turtle shell that I picked up and brought home. Gary found a box turtle! That was possibly the cutest turtle I have ever seen! We put him back after looking at him for a little bit. Mom found a deer antler. That is the second one she has found this year. Later my brother and his girlfriend came over to visit too.

Friday I went to The Park of Roses for a walk and found a different path that I had never been down. We go to that park all of the time, I can't believe there was a place we had never walked! There were huge sycamore trees with big holes in the trunks. I read a book that said Johnny Appleseed would sleep in a hollowed out sycamore tree and couldn't figure out how he fit inside until I saw these massive trees!

Saturday was the first Clintonville Farmer's Market of the season and it was a perfect day for it. They had live music and lots of food. I ended up buying some chicken, beef, a cookie, and a tomato plant. I had a good time. Hopefully I will get to go to the farmer's market a lot this year, they have it every Saturday morning.

Later in the day on Saturday Greg and I went to The Park of Roses and walked down the "new" path that I found. He didn't know about it either. We saw the tennis courts and started talking about maybe trying to play tennis to get some exercise. We decided to go to the thrift store to look for tennis rackets. When we got there we saw a refrigerator for a really good price and we just happened to be in the truck so we bought it. We also bought 1 tennis racket.

When we got home we unloaded the fridge and I cleaned it inside and out.

Sunday we put the old fridge on the deck. This thing by the way does not have a frost free freezer which causes it to ice up and then not be cold anymore until you defrost it. It has been a major pain. We realize there was an area that didn't get painted when we did the kitchen because the cabinet was in the way so Greg moved the cabinet and I painted that area and we kind of rearranged things and put the new fridge in place and plugged it in. Now we have a bigger fridge that has a light in it(!) and a working freezer so we can make ice. You have no idea what a luxury that is unless you have lived for a long period of time without a freezer! I was really excited so I cleaned the whole kitchen really well. It looks so much better now. I even found extra space somehow.

Today I went to Walmart and stocked up on food. I bought a bunch of frozen fish and chicken. This food will last us a few weeks, maybe even a month. :P I bought some Calvo avocados which is the same brand Whole Foods sells. Seriously, you can buy good food at Walmart, you just have to read the labels and know which foods are good. I am really glad that I worked at Whole Foods for awhile so I know what the good foods are but you can buy those foods at other places for a lot less money. Go to WF for the rare things like chocolate bars with bacon in it and truffle cheese but don't waste your money on stuff you can get for a lot less money somewhere else.

I didn't do any drawing this week. I am a bit obsessed with a game called majong dimensions. I finally beat it today but I cannot stop playing it.

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Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Last week the tulips and violets in our yard were blooming in full force!

We house sat for Greg's parents. That meant I got to feed ducks, chickens, dogs, and a cat. I also got to collect chicken eggs every morning and water plants in the greenhouse. I enjoyed all of that very much. It also meant we got to watch cable tv. I am not sure what happened to the history channel but there isn't a lick of history left on it. I did enjoy watching the swamp people, mostly because I am infatuated with swamps. I am glad we do not have cable tv, I could see myself sitting and watching way too much of it.

One day I was in the greenhouse watering the plants and a black bird fell into the unlit wood stove! I opened the stove and the bird flew out so I had to chase it around for a little bit, finally catching it. I had to take a picture because I thought that there was no way anyone would believe my story.

I finally got to try pizza from The Bombshelter. It is Greg's favorite and he has been telling me about it for years so now I have tried it. It was really good, the crust was a bit thicker than I thought it would be.

We are back home. Today I got to walk my pit bull friend Rico. He is such a fun dog!

The yard grew really tall while we were gone and I was kind of worried about mowing it with our old fashioned reel mower but Greg was hanging out with the neighbor today who has a nice gas powered push mower and they got the job done! Very happy about that!

We also got a deal on a GPS off ebay. It is a Tom Tom and it has Homer Simpson's voice so we have had some fun with that.

Overall it was really a fun week. we didn't celebrate any holidays.

How was your week?

Week in review

Week in review, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

This week was all about gardening. Greg was out of town so I busied myself with yard work. I put in at least 20 hours in the yard. It looks a lot better but the back still needs to get done. It is amazing how much work this tiny yard takes.

We had a few nice days and a few rainy days so I worked outside on the nice days and inside on the rainy days.

I went to an auction on Tuesday and ended up bringing home some books and jigsaw puzzles. People were bidding things up like crazy so I went home pretty early.

Toward the end of the week I went to Lowe's "just to look" at flowers and came home with four new plants. Three of the plants were on clearance so I don't feel too bad about it. They were a Japanese Painted Fern, 2 Columbines, and an English Daisy. The clearance plants were waterlogged but they looked better even after just one day in the ground.

I have a rash on my hand that may or may not be poison ivy.